A message for the Rockville Centre diocese


Members of a national coalition led by Send the Bishops a Message delivered 20,000 pennies and a letter to Bishop William Murphy last Sunday morning during a sidewalk "press conference" outside St. Agnes Cathedral.

The group, which claims to represent over 25,000 people, called upon Murphy to use the money as a seed for a special fund to aid clergy sexual abuse victims.

The coalition, which also includes Victims' Voice, Road to Recovery and the National Survivor Advocates Coalition, is calling for a proposed Diocese of Rockville Centre Good Samaritan Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims’ Trust fund to be overseen by independent trustees who would distribute grants and other support to help victims and their families recover and heal from the trauma they say resulted from the abuse.

The number of pennies being donated, the group said, represents a conservative estimate of the number of people in the

United States who experienced sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other church

employees since 1950.

"The event is an ill-conceived publicity stunt that trivializes sexual abuse," said diocese spokesman Sean Dolan. "The group is more interested in gaining publicity for itself than it is in protecting children and young people. They don't understand or choose not to understand all the church does to care for victims of sex abuse."

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  • Garymbergeron

    It is unfortunate at best, that any spokesman representing any Bishop, much less Bishop Murphy, would issue such a statement. I am an adult survivor of clergy abuse who's life was directly affected by Bishop Murpyh while he was in serving in Boston. I would like to remind him and and his spokesperson that it was Bishop Murphy who has been more interested in protecting the sancticity of the legacy of his carreer than protecting children both his actions and in-actions while serving under the former Arch Bishop Of Boston, Cardinal Law.

    On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, the office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued its Grand Jury report on "The Sexual Abuse of Children in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston" . The report is simply stating the facts. This group of supporters were simply stating the truth. Bishop Murphy and his spokes person continue to be simply wrong.

    Gary M. Bergeorn


    Thursday, September 9, 2010 Report this

  • Pointer

    As a spokesperson for Bishop William Murphy, of course Sean Dolan bristles at publicity. Were it not for the publicity generated by the Boston Globe and other media, and by various district attorneys the Roman Catholic Church would never have spoken a word about the Church's well-kept secrets about priests who sexually molested children and the highly orchestrated cover-up.

    Bishop Murphy was the number 2 person in the Archdiocese of Boston for nine years before coming to Rockville Centre. Although Boston was the epicenter of the crisis, Bishop Murphy denies any knowledge. Bishop Murphy is an intelligent person, so it strains credulity to accept his remarks. Despite Murphy's protestations, in 2004 he testified at a federal grand jury hearing concerning his authorization of transfer of a known sexual abuser. As a result of the grand jury finding, the Archdiocese of Boston made unprecedented concessions to the federal government. What is not known is Bishop Murphy's testimony. This is just one of the many secrets that Sean Dolan seeks to protect.

    This newspaper has an obligation to report significant news, the public has a right to know, and most of all the thousands of victims need to hear from the Church all it did to enable abusers.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010 Report this