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Climb N Vibe celebrates grand opening in Bellmore

New local fitness studio ‘first of its kind’


Although David Schmitt has owned several businesses in his life, it was only recently that he pursued a venture in his hometown. Last Friday, Schmitt, an entrepreneur born and raised in Bellmore, opened Climb N Vibe in the hamlet to bring a high-end exercise experience to the average gym-goer.

Schmitt said his vision was to combine the cutting-edge machinery of the VersaClimber — a vertical exercise machine — and the recovery technology of the Power Plate — a vibrational platform that contracts and relaxes muscles — into a quick, high calorie-burning workout never before seen in the fitness industry.

“Nobody ever put them in a studio class, especially not together,” Schmitt said of the equipment. “This concept is the first of its kind.”

VersaClimbers are commonly found in training facilities of major sports leagues, like the NBA, since they deliver high-intensity workouts in a short period of time, Schmitt said. But because the machines are expensive, they’re not accessible to everybody — Climb N Vibe seeks to change that.

In just one 35-minute visit to Climb N Vibe, guests can burn between 800 to 1,200 calories. The Power Plate is implemented during the first and last five minutes of the workout to promote circulation and improve muscle recovery. Then, using the VersaClimber, guests engage in a high-energy crawling motion for 25 minutes, resulting in a low-impact, full-body workout with no strain on the joints, according to Schmitt.

“Everybody I surveyed talked about how the climbing motion really shreds you up,” he added. “The crawl is the very first exercise we learn, and this [machine] mimics that crawl. It’s doable for anybody of any athletic ability.”

The rhythm-based routines are conducted under the glow of laser lights, and stations are spaced more than six feet apart. A leaderboard at the front of the room displays each participants’ percentage of improvement over 60-second intervals, and guests can keep their belongings close by in a basket provided at each machine.  

The opening of Climb N Vibe comes almost a year after gyms statewide were ordered to temporarily close to slow the spread of Covid-19. The facilities have since reopened with precautionary measures in place, giving people a place to burn off their quarantine fatigue. In two weeks, the business sold more than 100 memberships.

“With so much mental stress going on right now, people need the fitness industry,” Schmitt said. “It’s integral in improving people’s well-being.”

Schmitt also stressed the familial aspect of Climb N Vibe, as many of his family members had a hand in bringing the business to life. His wife, Christy, picked out the belongings baskets; his nephews helped paint the studio; and his 72-year-old father, Buster, custom-built the front counter in the lobby.

“Everything we do, we do as a family,” Schimtt said.

This sentiment was evident at Climb N Vibe’s ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday afternoon. More than 15 of Schmitt’s relatives attended and wore matching sweatshirts and face masks emblazoned with the businesses’ logo.

Schmitt plans to open another two locations in Rockville Centre and Massapequa later this year. Climb N Vibe is at 2477 Merrick Road in Bellmore. For more information about rates, memberships or to sign up for a class, call (516) 804-5878 or visit climbnvibe.com.