Community mosaic highlights substance abuse at Oceanside Library


Residents of all ages gathered at the Oceanside Library on Dec. 2 for an event that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

As part of a community art project organized by Oceanside’s Makeshift Movement — a local organization dedicated raising awareness on mental health and substance abuse issues — dozens of Oceansiders joined forces to create a mosaic mural to be permanently displayed at the library.

The mural, designed by Connecticut-based mosaic artists Joanne and Bruce Hunter, is intended to serve as a “visible reminder” of the community’s efforts to reduce the stigma associated with those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues according to Makeshift Movement co-founder and Chief Executive Jessica DiRocco.

The Oceanside S.A.F.E. Coalition also participated in the event, which featured mental health and substance abuse resources for those who may be struggling or know someone who is struggling.

“We are proud to participate in this wonderful community event,” said Library Director Chris Marra. “The library is committed to addressing the challenges facing our community, especially the scourges of drug and alcohol abuse, and the need for better mental health services.”

The Friends of the Oceanside Library funded the art project.