Curran asks Martins to sign bipartisan letter supporting ride-sharing

Martins: Letter to county executive a 'political stunt'


Democratic candidate for Nassau County Executive, Legislator Laura Curran, on Friday asked that her Republican opponent, Jack Martins, co-sign a letter to the current county executive, Ed Mangano, urging him not to block ride-sharing services like Uber.

At a recent legislative session, the county Taxi and Limousine Commission urged Mangano to opt-out of the statewide program and let the county come up with its own set of regulations for ride-sharing companies.

According to Curran, the TLC's recommendation runs contrary to public opinion.

"Ride-sharing is what the vast majority of Nassau residents want and it's good for our local economy — it's a no brainer,” Curran said, in a statement, on Friday. “It's now on [Mangano] to support what's best for Nassau residents and not what's best for special interests and campaign supporters.”

Just as ride-sharing legislation was passed with bipartisan support in the State Legislature, it is my hope Jack Martins will join me in a bipartisan effort to compel [Mangano] to do the right thing for our residents,” she added.

A spokesman for Martins said that Martins would not be signing the letter, calling it “a desperate attempt to bring attention” to Curran's campaign, and referred to a State Senate bill supported by Martins and 6th District Sen. Kemp Hannon that would add a 50-cent surcharge on rides from ride-sharing companies to help partially fund the NICE bus service.

“Martins and Hannon already have the legislation in the Senate that would protect NICE bus funding with $5 million annually from ride-sharing,” the spokesman said. “Laura Curran shows her inexperience when she pulls political stunts instead of taking bipartisan action calling on her fellow democrats in the Assembly, including those who endorsed her, to pass this legislation.”