Deep Roots Farmers Market sees sunshine, smiles and success on opening day


Saturday, June 5, marked the first farmers market of the season in Glen Cove for the newly named and relocated market, Deep Roots Farmers Market.

Organized by resident Amy Peters, since the end of 2020 the formerly named Sea Cliff Farmers Market has been home to dozens of local businesses and vendors receiving support from their community.

Previously held in Village Square in downtown Glen Cove, the market will now be held under the new name on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. from June until October at the Beacon, 100 Garvies Point Road, along the newly developed Glen Cove waterfront.

“The new location is definitely a benefit to the community. Amy is able to have way more vendors than at the winter market, which was indoors,” said Ylisa Kunze, director of Glen Cove community engagement at RXR Realty. “It's a great place for people to enjoy being in the newly landscaped public access parks along  Garvies Point.”

Kunze noted the clear success and how welcoming the community has been to Deep Roots. RXR brought 350 promotional tote bags to hand out to attendees, and by 11 a.m., just two hours after the market opened up, there were no more bags left to give out. “We were so happy with the turnout at the market, it was great. Amy sold out of eggs by 11:30, other vendors sold out of products early on as well; it was really just a great success,” said Kunze.

Deep Roots partnered with RXR Realty after operating indoors for the Winter/Spring 2020 market season, only able to feature around 10 vendors in the indoor space.

“The partnership has been great, Amy does a fantastic job curating the market for the community,” Kunze said. “Green markets are great for the community and important in promoting a healthy lifestyle. We wish Amy ever increasing success with the farmers market.”

Deep Roots will now feature over 30 vendors in the new outdoor location, all offering products grown or produced on Long Island, or by Long Islanders.

Ian Siegel, who co-owns by Trubee Hill in Glen Cove with his husband Adam, noted the positive atmosphere the market boasted in its new location. “It was a beautiful weekend. Besides the wonderful 30-plus vendors, the new venue was wonderful and it was a beautiful day. I think people are feeling really happy that summer’s here, Covid is ending,” Siegel said. “It was overall a happy, positive experience, with all smiles and positive energy.”

By Trubee Hill have been attending the market as a vendor since winter of 2020, selling their line of luxury candles hand-poured in Glen Cove. “I think this first weekend was a huge success, for us personally and for the community as a whole. Amy has done a wonderful thing and an amazing job organizing the market and I believe it was a huge success overall.”