These entertainment spaces to open locations at Green Acres Mall


Green Acres Mall is planning a $100 million renovation project aimed at expanding its entertainment offerings and drawing in a larger crowd of visitors.

The Sunrise Highway mall is redesigning itself as a hub for innovative shopping and entertainment, providing a unique experience for visitors and re-cement its place as a top go-to destination in the Valley Stream community.

Launch Family Entertainment, a family-friendly entertainment venue, is set to occupy a spacious 34,181-square-foot area. The entertainment space is scheduled to open its doors in late 2024 or early 2025, Launch Family Entertainment has a large selection of activities, including bowling, trampolines, an arcade and a ninja warrior course. It will also provide food options.

The kid-approved Chuck E. Cheese is also joining the mall, securing a 12,889-square-foot space at Green Acres Commons.

Known for its iconic mouse mascot and an assortment of attractions, including arcade games and pizza parties, Chuck E. Cheese is ready to provide a unique entertainment experience for visitors. Alejandra Brady, head of public relations at CEC Entertainment, shared insights into the upgraded Chuck E. Cheese experience.

“Our reimagined fun center will offer an enhanced entertainment and birthday party experience for the Valley Stream community, including a new interactive dance floor, live shows with Chuck E. every hour, new arcade games, a delicious new grown-up menu, prizes and more,”  Brady said. “It’s a new era for Chuck E. Cheese, and we can’t wait for Valley Stream families to experience and enjoy all the new fun when they come visit.”

This dual venture, featuring Launch Family Entertainment and Chuck E. Cheese, underscores Green Acres Mall’s dedication to evolving into a lively and diverse shopping and entertainment destination.

These additions are not just about entertainment, they align with the broader vision of attracting high-end stores and more customers, elevating the overall appeal of the mall. The addition of these new venues is expected to contribute significantly to the mall’s allure, creating an environment that accommodates a diverse crowd of community members.

As the makeover unfolds, including a separate redevelopment of its former anchor stores, Green Acres Mall anticipates delivering an enriched and engaging shopping experience for its patrons in the upcoming years. These ambitious renovation projects marks a pivotal moment in the mall’s history, promising to remain relevant to consumers at a critical time for shopping malls nationwide.

Green Acres officials assures that Valley Stream patrons can look forward to a mall that blends shopping and entertainment, providing a reason for patrons to keep coming back.