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East Rockaway alum raises money for former teacher’s ailing son


James Anemone played an hour’s worth of classical music on the piano on Dec. 19 to raise money for his former East Rockaway High School teacher Peter Ceglio’s son, Stephen, 13, who suffers from a rare genetic mutation.

“It went really well,” said Anemone, 21, who now lives in Pennsylvania. “It was kind of like a homecoming recital for me.”

About 30 people attended the concert and donated money as they entered Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and during the intermission, according to Anemone. By the end of the night, Anemone, raised about $600. It will be used to buy Stephen a gait trainer to help him walk.

Unfortunately, Ceglio was not able to attend the concert until Anemone’s last set because he had to attend an event at East Rockaway High School, where he serves as the director of fine arts.

“He was very upset because he wasn’t sure if he was going to come,” Anemone said. “[But] when I stood up to bow, I saw him in the back.”

Ceglio said he was grateful for the benefit concert. “He’s inspiring to be honest,” he said of Anemone. “It’s giving in the ultimate sense.”

To donate money for Stephen’s medical supplies, visit www.youcaring.com/cindy-peter-stephen-ceglio-423679.