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Flashback Friday into the ‘Roaring Twenties’


The Freeport High School’s performing arts center was transformed to the time of the “roaring ‘20s” on July 26. Students in fourth to eighth grades participated in the annual Summer Academy of the Arts and showcased this year’s “Jazz It Up” theme for parents and teachers.

The summer program is a three-week program where close to 250 students experienced musical and artistic education and appreciation through a variety of classes and courses, including instrumental, vocals, dance and theatrical performance, and multimedia arts. Featured ensembles included orchestra, band, ukulele, mariachi, chorus, cardio drumming and musical theatre dance collaboration.

During the performance, media and visual arts were displayed in the main lobby. For visual arts, they utilized the art elements to create unique jazz-related images and collaborated to create cubist-inspired instruments and the jukebox. Media students created short stories on a day in the life of a jazz instrument and used sound, motion, graphics and text through computer programming to animate these stories.