Franklin Square doctors take precautions


Cars have become the new waiting room at Dr. Timpone Leonard’s office in Franklin Square, as he works to reduce the number of patients he sees each day during the coronavirus outbreak.

Most of his patients he speaks to on the phone these days, rather than have them come into the office on Adams Avenue, he said, but it’s a different experience “because you don;t have the person in front of you” to take their blood pressure or listen to their heart.

Those that do come into his office, Leonard noted, immediately receive masks and are offered gloves in addition. 

At Dr. Jacqueline Delmont’s office, meanwhile, the staff is working to ensure that her internal medicine patients stay home, according to Hector Lopez, a receptionist at the office, which, he said, has seen an influx in new patients over the past few weeks. 

Delmont, however, is “taking every precaution” to stay safe, Lopez said, and Leonard suits up in a mask, gloves and visors while making his rounds at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream.

“It’s going to be a tough few weeks, or a tough few months,” he noted, “but we’re going to get through it.”