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Freeport Police Department honors officers


During the first 2019 Village of Freeport Board of Trustees meeting, the Freeport Police Department honored Freeport police officers and Nassau County Police Department officers for their continued services and dedication to protecting the village. Twenty-nine police officers were recognized for their bravery, fast thinking, and professionalism on Jan. 7. The Nassau County Police Department officers were honored for their work and contribution while on patrol to the village.

Following the presentation of awards, the Board of Trustees held a meeting and two public hearings.

Some of the approvals from the meeting included:

Through March 31, the board approved the hanging of a banner promoting year-round business on the Nautical Mile. The banner will hang between Raynor and Archer streets.

The board also approved changes in the Building Department’s Permit fees for residential and commercial. The permits for residential are now $150 for the first $1000 and $22 for each additional $1000, while commercial permits are now $300 for the first $1000 and $22 for each additional $1000.

The board approved the village assessor’s request to add or remove a number of exemptions for multiple properties from the 2018/2019 final assessment roll to the 2019/2020 tentative and final assessment rolls and for the village treasurer to issue correct 2018/2019 property tax bills.

Board approved the advertisement on bids for the electric, building and the water and sewer departments. Other approvals include the extension of current contracts.

The restructuring of water rates for village-owned properties was approved to a rate that is 40 percent of the current rate. The Freeport Fire Department’s contract with the village was presented during a public hearing. The board unanimously approved the $126,000 contract.

The board also held a public hearing to discuss the village’s tentative budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020. The budget was approved. The Freeport Herald Leader will report a full story on the budget in next week’s issue.