Freeport Public Schools prepares for new school year with teacher orientation


The Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School was packed with happy and motivated educators for the 2022-2023 new teacher orientation.

Mr. Benjamin Roberts, the assistant superintendent for personnel and special projects, welcomed the new instructors and introduced the administration to the new staff at the beginning of the four day orientation.

The new teachers were greeted by Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom, who also emphasized that their work at Freeport Public Schools is critical to the development of the students as well as to the families and the community.

Following, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham welcomed the new teachers as he spoke to them saying, “I challenge you to be fearless. Do not be afraid of failure. Bringing out your fears can bring out the very best in you. Challenge yourself, challenge your students, challenge your colleagues so each of you can bring new, creative ideas to our district, take it to the next level and reach new heights. This is a school district where every day, greatness happens. And it happens because of the changemakers who are here. Now you are a part of that greatness and this great group of people. Everything we tell our students is what we strive to be, so I urge each of you to embody what you encourage your students to be, and I know you will continue to make this a great place for educating our youth.” 

The new teachers will be given an overview of Freeport Public School policies throughout the rest of the orientation and the days that follow. They will also get various training and learning opportunities and have time to network with other teachers in their schools. 

The district extends a cordial welcome to its new employees as classes commence on August 31.