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G.C. man rescues trapped senior


Glen Cove resident Christian Floro was in his house when a loud noise suddenly burst through his window and shook up the corner of Elm Avenue and Rellim Drive on Sept. 17. When he looked outside the window, Floro stared at the bizarre sight of a Mercedes Benz crashing through his neighbor’s fence and driving right into a backyard pool. A 73-year-old woman was operating the car.

“And I heard her screaming, so I came outside, ran over here and jumped in and grabbed her,” Floro said.

Glen Cove Police Detective Lieutenant John Nagle said that the woman had gotten into a car accident at the street intersection and continued to accelerate, driving through a bush and fence on Rellim Drive. Her foot stayed on the acceleration as the car veered left into Elm Avenue, where she eventually crashed through a fence and into the pool. Nagle said that the woman had been stuck in the car as it sank into the pool, and thanked both Floro and Manny Grella, another civilian who responded to the accident, for their quick action.

“Christian jumped in there, went in through the back seat and pulled her out of there,” Nagle said. “He really is a hero.”

Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene shortly afterwards. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the other car involved in the accident had no major injuries.

Nagle added that Floro would be presented with a civilian award during next year’s Memorial Day ceremony in recognition for his action.

Tab Hauser contributed to this story.