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Glen Cove residents debut a website for their city


Glen Cove is a city with an impressive history, but as the new Garvies Point development welcomes new residents to the city, a group of local residents felt that it was important to help celebrate what makes Glen Cove special today.

“The ‘We Love Glen Cove’ website, [www.weloveglencove.com] was created to provide Glen Cove residents with short stories and other information about the people, facilities, organizations and businesses that call Glen Cove home,” said Reggie Spinello, a former Glen Cove Mayor. “Glen Cove is a special place to live and work and we felt that more people needed to know about that.”

The free website also includes information about Glen Cove’s history, which dates back almost 250 years before it became a city in 1917. It is one of only two cities on Long Island.

The website celebrates the people, places and things that make Glen Cove the diverse, welcoming and “something for everyone” community it is, from outstanding restaurants, to lovely beaches, to a wide range of facilities and organizations, to the many historical homes that can be found throughout the city.

For Carolyn Willson, whose story appears on the website, moving from Manhasset to Glen Cove in 1967 was about wanting to raise her family in a diverse community where she always felt welcome.

Wilson, who twice served as Glen Cove’s deputy mayor, helped to create Glen Cove’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and continues to serve in a number of areas, has watched the city grow, but never change.

History comes alive in Glen Cove, with almost all the “Gold Coast” mansions from the early 1900s still standing, and some being used as recreational, conference center, healthcare and educational facilities.

“The people, places and things that make Glen Cove special add a quality of life to our city,” said Spinello. “We just wanted to help everyone discover all the good there is in Glen Cove, because, now more than ever, it’s important that we focus on what is positive.”