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Long Beach Council considers ways to raise revenue


The Long Beach City Council announced at a work session Thursday night, the complete re-opening of the boardwalk. It discussed the possibility of signing contracts with private businesses and organizations to help subsidize the city pool, and the possibility of raising parking rates or installing parking meters.

•John McNally, executive assistant to the Long Beach City Manager, said the boardwalk is once again open until 11 pm. The boardwalk had been closed at 9 pm because of the pandemic, but Covid 19 regulations regarding masks and social distancing remain in effect.

•The council said Skudin Swim has proposed conducting swim lessons at the city pool, which has been losing money for years, the result of undercharging for use of the facility. The hours of the lessons and how much Skudin would charge are under discussion. The Long Island Aquatic Club has also proposed that it conduct competitive swim sessions. City Corporation Counsel Simone Freeman said that a request-for-proposals would have to be issued if either Skudin Swim or LIAC charged more than $20,000 for their services.

•Parking has always been difficult in the city, which has 11 municipal lots – three of which are leased. Parking fees are $50 per year. The council said it is studying ways to increase revenue from the parking lots. A separate discussion was held on the prospect of installing parking meters in the city’s business district.

•No decisions were made on the issues.