Improvements ahead for Jones Beach


Summer is just around the corner and that means beach time for many residents. This year, the Jones Beach Revitalization Plan will mean additional enhancements to infrastructure and recreational facilities including more improvements to the Central Mall, East and West Bathhouses, new eateries and food services, and the New Adventure Experience zip-line course.

“Jones Beach’s $65 million revitalization is part of Governor Cuomo’s $900 million New York Parks plan to transform the state park system,” said Randy Simmons, a spokesman for New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Last May, New York State unveiled a plan to repair existing infrastructure at Jones Beach, as well as provide new recreational activities and dining facilities at the park. The plan is designed to build upon Robert Moses’ vision of a public park designed in an extraordinary setting. The park has 6.5 miles of ocean beaches and natural wetlands. Jones Beach opened in 1929.

During the summer of 2014, the state began renovations on the exterior of the West Bathhouse including its pools and the cabana and changing areas. On the east side of the Central Mall, the state had a pilot food site.

This summer, renovations will continue at the West Bathhouse. A first-floor renovation at this location will include a new food service and retail area with a pedestrian connection to the pool.

Bathrooms will also be renovated at the Field 6 Bathhouse and the state will build a new eatery at this location.

The New Adventure Experience zip-line course will be completed between the Central Mall and the East Bathhouse as well as a summer pilot program with food trucks and food stalls at the East Mall site. “This summer, future projects such as the East Marketplace building will begin to advance,” Simmons said.

Additionally, about $1 million in federal funding is being provided to New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for infrastructure work at Jones Beach, damaged in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. That funding is being provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Public Assistance program.

Storm surge from Superstorm Sandy flooded multiple sites at the Jones Beach State Park, specifically electrical vaults located at the east and west ball fields, golf course and Field 6 damaging panels, switches, circuit breakers, terminal boxes and electrical meters.

In addition, funding will go toward boardwalk lighting to repair damage to several light poles, junction boxes, wiring and conduits. Money will also be used to repair multiple pump stations and other equipment at the Jones Beach sewage treatment plant, as well as circuit breakers and electrical panels at the Central Mall.