In East Meadow, ‘replacement’ trees planted on Merrick Avenue


For years, the Council of East Meadow Community Organizations has been advocating and working hard to get several replacement trees back into the ground on Merrick Avenue, after 14 that had died were removed. The stretch of Merrick Avenue starts just south of the East Meadow baseball and softball fields, and continues past Sunrise of East Meadow. In total, 41 new tress were planted.

Joe Parisi, president of CEMCO, worked with Nassau County Legislator Tom McKevitt to make the plantings possible. After years of advocacy on the subject, seeing the tress finally get into the ground was rewarding, a win for the community and the environment.

“I am pleased to report that the replacement tress have been planted,” Parisi wrote on CEMCO’s Facebook. “I want to thank Tom for his advocacy and persistence in having the replacement trees planted.”

The trees planted are Slender Sweet Gum trees, which are a great addition because they tend to grow tall and narrow. The branches don’t spread out significantly, Parisi explained.

20 trees replaced the initial 14 that died, and a second phase of the initiative saw 21 additional trees planted south of the baseball complex.

In recognition of CEMCO’s partnership with Nassau County, board members met with McKevitt outside of Sunrise of East Meadow on April 29 to recognize his efforts in securing the new curbside tress on Merrick Avenue.

“This provides a positive beautification and environmental impact for East Meadow,” Parisi said. “I look forward to working with Tom on future beautification projects.”