A full-circle moment for Jeff Greenfield


From being born in Mount Sinai South Nassau 71 years ago, to helping develop the facility’s capabilities, Jeff Greenfield will be honored at the hospital’s annual golf outing.

The 40th annual event, on May 13, will take place at three prestigious and challenging golf venues including the Seawane Club in Hewlett Harbor, Rockaway Hunting Club in Lawrence, and Rockville Links Club in Rockville Centre. All net proceeds will benefit Mount Sinai South Nassau with a portion of the funds dedicated to helping patients of the hospital’s cancer program. Greenfield previously served as volunteer co-chair of the hospital’s 45-member golf outing committee.

Greenfield, a managing partner of the NGL Group in Lynbrook, serves on Mount Sinai South Nassau’s Advisory Board. As previous co-chair of the golf outing committee, Greenfield’s work helped increase the number of golfers participating in the annual event, while garnering the support of dozens of local businesses through golf outing sponsorships. Last year’s outing established a new record for the event, raising a gross amount of $723, 335.

“Golf Committee Chair Tony Cancellieri told me that for all my work over a long period of time as chairperson of the golf outing, I deserved to be the honoree,” Greenfield said.

Greenfield said he was very humbled to be this year’s honoree, however it also means he has to step down as chairperson of the committee. Although he said this wasn’t his “exit strategy,” he said that he is happy to do whatever he can to help the hospital.

“I’ve always had a strong affiliation and affection for South Nassau hospital,” Greenfield said. “They’re a valuable asset in the community.”

Cancellieri described Greenfield’s support of the hospital as “part of his life story.”

“He brought that talent and ability to host golf outings to our golf outing,” Cancellieri said. “So we went from one golf course with 140 golfers to two, then to three and we now have close to 400 golfers.”

Cancellieri said that the hospital is a tough business that requires as much support and help that it can get. He continued to say that Greenfield has been in the “middle of this,” which is why he believed that he would be a good fit for honoree this year.

“He has a very strong voice in our community,” Cancellieri said about Greenfield. “When we announce certain initiatives, he’s always supported us,”

Joe Calderone, senior vice president of corporate communications and development at MSSN, said that Greenfield is a “force of nature.” Calderone explained that when Greenfield gets behind something, he is all in. And the golf outing is one initiative that Greenfield devoted years to.

This year’s outing will raise money for cancer treatment. Greenfield noted that there are too many cases of cancer on Long Island and through the outing, he will try to do everything he can to raise awareness about the deadly disease. He noted that he is not only doing this for personal reasons, but because this issue is also important to his workers at his Lynbrook business.

“We have support from the business community and support from the community at large,” Greenfield said. “And I have a business and I know this is important to my employees of the business that live in the community.”

The money raised will also help fund the travel expenses of cancer patients to and from chemotherapy appointments. The rides will be free and help low-income patients receive cancer-related medical appointments at the hospital’s Gertrude and Louis Feil Cancer Center. The funds will also be going towards the Cold Cap program, which helps patients prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. Also, this outing will help fund capital projects, including a 100,000 square foot building  that will have nine new operating rooms, 40 new critical care beds, and this will double the size of the emergency department.

Greenfield noted that he saw the hospital transform from a regional facility to a world class institution. He plans to continue his strong support for the hospital for years to come.