Legislator-elect Seth Koslow looks ahead after close election


In a closely watched race earlier this month, Nassau County voters elected Democrat Seth Koslow to the seat in the Legislature’s 5th District. Koslow’s narrow victory over Republican Joe Baker reflected his new constituents’ willingness to give him a chance to turn his vision of safer, more affordable, and connected communities into a reality.

Koslow defeated Baker by 534 votes out of a total of 11,000 cast, and will now represent the diverse communities of Freeport, North Bellmore and Merrick.

A Baldwin native, Koslow, 41, has a connection to the district that goes beyond political aspirations — it’s deeply personal. His father is a businessman, and his sister teaches in Baldwin schools. He entered politics, he said, with a desire to give back to the community that shaped him.

A criminal defense attorney, he stood out in a campaign marked by a focus on safe neighborhoods and collaboration with law enforcement.

“As someone with a legal background, I understand the complexities of the justice system,” Koslow said. “I aim to bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement, advocating for meaningful changes in community safety.”

His victory speech on election night focused on those themes, and he emphasized his commitment to making Nassau County more affordable, improving infrastructure, and creating a safe and welcoming environment for families.

“In the long term, my focus extends into enhancing affordability to ensure that people can live here and work within the community,” he said.

Koslow’s term begins in January, but he has already made his presence felt. On Nov. 9, he took part in an event honoring veterans at Norman J. Levy Lakeside School in Merrick, planning to engage with the community from the outset.

His first priority as a legislator, he said, will be focusing on infrastructure, with an emphasis on creating more parks in the towns he will represent. “I’m going to be actively involved in addressing various issues related to fields and open spaces within our communities,” Koslow said. “I, along with other local town authorities, will explore opportunities for turning town areas, facilitating a broader range of sports and activities.”

He also emphasized the importance of ensuring that small businesses can operate without unnecessary regulation, stressing his commitment to providing equal resources to minority- and women-owned businesses to promote economic growth.

During his campaign, Koslow acknowledged the challenges of the county’s high cost of living, infrastructure issues such as sinkholes and potholes, and the need for a safe environment for families.

“As a father of three, my dedication to the community is deeply personal,” said. “I actively participate in youth programs and extracurricular activities to reinforce my commitment to keeping young people engaged and attached to the community.”

Koslow said he was committed to listening attentively to the concerns and criticisms of his constituents. Drawing on his legal background, he pledged to address justice-related issues effectively.

He added that he looked forward to collaborating with elected officials at both the county and town level, and finding common ground on key issues in the county.

“As someone who has served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals in Queens County, which is probably the most diverse county in the world,” Koslow said. “My commitment is to extend the same level of dedication to my constituents as I have for my clients, actively engaging with the community to ensure their interests are well represented.”