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Letter to the Lynbrook, East Rockaway Editor (Feb. 14-20)


A bully on the board

To the Editor,

I cannot believe what I witnessed on television during the Feb. 4 Lynbrook village board of trustees meeting.

My wife, Kathleen, was the first person called to speak during the good and welfare portion of the meeting. I was angry, dismayed and embarrassed for the village that Hilary Becker would find it acceptable to make comments and try to bully and intimidate her before she even got to the lectern. As a 37-year homeowner in this village, I have never witnessed such abhorrent behavior by a Lynbrook elected official.

He continued to be an embarrassment during her questions. It was not the way an elected official should treat a resident. She also had to put up with others in the audience heckling her.

To those of you who find it acceptable to speak out of turn in a derogatory manner, I consider you all to be cowards. I am very proud of my wife for moving ahead and not giving in to the bully and the cowards.

More than ever, I am thankful that we have a gentleman as mayor, running for re-election. I would like to thank Mayor Alan Beach for all he does for all Lynbrook residents.

More than 20 years ago, when Beach and I barely knew each other, I was attempting to replace my garage door while I had a broken ankle. He was driving down my street, stopped to chat and saw what I was doing. He left, returned several minutes later with his toolbox and spent a few hours putting up the door.

Just as I know him to be a great friend, I see the same characteristics in him as he serves as mayor —willing to do anything, any time, to help a Lynbrook resident in need.

I was a member of the Lynbrook Roller Hockey board along with Beach. What I witnessed was his dedication to making it the best league he could, which he did. He was serious about his commitment to Mayor Gene Scarpato to pay off the bond used to fund the league’s rink as soon as possible, which he did.

Beach always puts children first. He often started his day at the rink to make sure it was clean, dry and ready for the day’s games. He didn’t want the children to miss a day of fun.

I see this same work ethic and commitment to doing the best he can for the residents of Lynbrook, at all times, and he is doing it with transparency and no self-interest attached.

David Kobbe, Lynbrook