Letter to the Lynbrook, East Rockaway Editor: Scare tactics are not how you 'Keep Lynbrook, Lynbrook'


To the Editor,

I am proud of my 40-year record of service to Lynbrook, 20 of those years as a Nassau County legislator. The safety and welfare of Lynbrook residents and our quality of life has been my life’s work.

Every project presented to the village should receive a fair hearing. We need to expand our tax base with development projects to offset the ever-increasing taxes we pay. The worst thing that could happen to our village is that we get a reputation that we are opposed to development — don’t bother coming here if you have a certain kind of project, or you’ll get drummed out.

It seems this is what an opposition group in Lynbrook did to the Cornerstone project. I’m always suspicious when I get mail from unknown people saying, “Warning, Lynbrook is in peril,” obviously trying to scare me into thinking that they know what’s best for me, my family and my village. No one would fight harder than me to stop something that is bad for Lynbrook, and I have many times in the past.

I didn’t even have the chance to form my own opinion about the Cornerstone project because of all the misinformation that was being disseminated across the village. Maybe this opposition group was right, and it would not have been good for Lynbrook, but what would have been wrong with a healthy discussion in which people could have received all the facts and then made up their minds?

It is also unfortunate and sad that this opposition group chose to use tactics and methods that smeared the good name and character of our mayor and village board in an effort to get its way. Its members really owe our board and fellow Lynbrook residents an apology for making such statements.

In addition, a robo-call went out across the village before Election Day attacking State Assemblyman Brian Curran. This was one of the most mean-spirited and vicious attacks I have ever seen in politics.

I ask all Lynbrook residents to listen with open minds to what developers have to say about the projects they want to bring to Lynbrook. Get the facts minus the distortions, inaccuracies and scare tactics, and determine for yourselves whether the project is right for Lynbrook. If you want to keep Lynbrook Lynbrook, then treat your village government and residents with the love, care and respect we all deserve.

Fran Becker


Fran Becker is a former Nassau County legislator who ran against State Sen. Todd Kaminsky in the 9th Senate District earlier this month.