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Letter to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (Feb. 7-13)


Becker forgot truths when endorsing his brother

To the Editor,

I had to write to the Herald after reading Greg Becker’s letter, “A vote for my brother protects Lynbrook” (Jan. 31-Feb. 6), which implored residents to vote for his brother, current Deputy Mayor Hilary Becker, for mayor.

In his letter, Greg criticized his other brother, Fran Becker, for supporting Mayor Alan Beach over Hilary. Two questions immediately came to my mind. First, are you kidding me? Second, does Greg think the residents are stupid?

Greg argued that a vote for Hilary would be a vote to stop the Cornerstone at Lynbrook project. The truth is Beach and the board canceled the proposal because they told the developer that it would be too big for Lynbrook. Hilary never told the developer, Anthony Bartone, that he was against it when he negotiated a $2.6 million deal for Bartone to buy his properties and develop them.

Hilary’s “opposition” came after his deal fell through and he was unable to make money.

Greg also argued that Hilary would stand up to “greedy developers, political cronies and party bosses.” He forgot to note that Hilary is the biggest real estate developer in Lynbrook and that his family has been in village politics for the past 60 years, with Greg being a former political executive leader and Hilary a political committee man.

Additionally, Greg said that Hilary would fight just like his father, Francis X. Becker, who was a great village mayor. However, Greg forgot to include the fact that his father approved the three largest buildings now in Lynbrook, the congressional building, the Jamaica Savings Bank/Pistilli building and Astoria Bank.

Furthermore, Greg asserted that a vote for Hilary would prevent developers from getting massive tax breaks at Lynbrook residents’ expense. Again, Greg forgot to mention that the tax breaks that the Cornerstone or projects like it are granted by his employer, the Town of Hempstead, or Nassau County, through their Industrial Development Agencies, and have nothing to do with the Village of Lynbrook.

Last, Greg should keep the Becker family feud out of the Herald. I, for one, agree with Fran Becker’s decision to endorse Beach in the upcoming election.

Theresa Martellaro, Lynbrook