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Letter to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (March 5-11)


Bag ban is a good start

To the Editor:

The skeptical question of the moment seems to be, “Is getting rid of plastic bags going to save the planet?” The answer is yes, no and maybe.

Yes, there are tiny particles from plastic bags and other disposable plastics degrading in the oceans. The plastics are impacting the ocean’s ecosystems. The oceans are the heart of the planet, so fewer plastics can only make for a healthier planet.

No, reducing our plastic bag use will not single-handedly save the planet. Individuals, corporations and governments, domestically and globally, will need to make other changes, small and large, to do that.

Maybe bringing your reusable bag along for shopping will make you just a little more mindful of the other wasteful practices that we all engage in daily. Some of these are as easy to change as bringing your own bag.

Small voices together can be loud. Small acts can snowball and create impactful change. Let’s open ourselves up to the idea that change can be good.

Jayne Paskoff, Lynbrook