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Letter to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald (April 25-May 1)


What is there to contest?

To the Editor,

I have lived in Lynbrook all my life and since the 1960s, no village election result has been contested. Until now.

Howard Colton, the Democratic lawyer for Hilary Becker and his Preserve Lynbrook Party, has filed Freedom of Information requests. He is trying to obtain copies of all voting ballots from Election Day on March 19, as well as tapes and voting machine records, the lists of all people who voted and the village employees — including police officers — who worked at the polling place at Greis Park.

Becker has denied involvement, but what are he and his team looking for? Mayor Alan Beach and his team trounced them. They can’t say the election was anywhere near close. The mayor received 3,330 votes while Becker had only 974.

Lynbrook taxpayers will have to pay for this wasted effort and expense. I can only guess the Preserve Lynbrook Party and its Democratic lawyer think there is collusion in Lynbrook. Maybe even the Russians are involved.

Steve Grogan, former Lynbrook trustee