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Letters to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (March 4-10)


Thank you for honoring my son

To the Editor:

Recently, Lynbrook Mayor Alan Beach and the village board hosted a street renaming ceremony in the memory of my son, Andrew J. Stern. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank them, Beach’s secretary, Susan Bonomo, the Lynbrook Police Department and the village’s Department of Public Works for their help during the ceremony on Feb. 27.

Thank you for renaming Robertson Road in memory of Andrew, whom we lost nearly 20 years ago in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Almost two decades after this unbearable loss, to know that others in Lynbrook and East Rockaway — my former hometowns — still care is so heart warming. Bonomo worked closely with my son, Michael, to make this beautiful day happen, and Beach saw it through without a hitch during the less-than-perfect weather.

I must also mention East Rockaway Mayor Bruno Romano, who was an East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School graduate with Andy, and I would also like to thank Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, as well as a representative from State Sen. Todd Kaminsky’s office for their attendance, kind words and a proclamation given in Andy’s honor.

How can I ever truly thank the class of 1978 from ERHS for always being there and for being so loving?  It was so beautiful to see so many of you still remembering Andy.

It’s still difficult to believe that there were more than 100 people in the pouring rain to honor my Andy --— family and friends from near and far. This is one proud and thankful mother.

Barbara Stern, Oceanside

. . . 

A big thank you to Sen. Kaminsky

To the Editor:

Being the president of Temple Am Echad in Lynbrook, I am well acquainted with being responsible for the well-being of people you serve.

That usually involves trying to help, and then wondering if that help has been successful and congregants are indeed “helped.” I made a pledge that if someone offered help to me, I would acknowledge that offer and make certain that I kept the person informed along the way.  So now I am happy to be able to keep that promise.

About three weeks ago, I received a call from someone from State Sen. Todd Kaminsky,’s office, asking if they could do something for our congregation. I reported that we had a congregant who had just lost his wife, and was unable to schedule an appointment for the vaccine.  

Within two weeks, I received an elated thank-you phone call from this grateful congregant. Then I received another pleading phone call from a health-challenged congregant who needed a vaccination appointment. What a great feeling to know I have an opportunity to help this person thanks to the compassion and caring of Kaminsky. I hope people know how loving our elected officials can be when someone is in need.

Greta Kantrowitz, Lynbrook