Long Beach Historical Society holds annual event


The Long Beach Historical Society held its annual craft fair at Kennedy Plaza on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 6 p.m. 

The Historical Society was founded in 1980 with a mission to educate the public about Long Beach and to preserve and enhance the city’s architectural and historical heritage. In 1997, the organization purchased the board and saved for the down payment to purchase the 1909 Reynolds Home on 226, West Penn St. Reynolds was the founder and builder of Long Beach.

As a not-for-profit all-volunteer organization and to maintain the building, the mortgage, the insurance, the utilities, and the repairs, the organization often does fundraisers.

According to Karen Adamo, former president and trustee of the Long Beach Historical Society, one of their most significant fundraisers was an annual boardwalk fair. This event accounted for two-thirds of their yearly expenses. The boardwalk fair ran for about 26 years. However, after being interrupted due to Covid, it has not been able to return because of the construction of the Superblock.

“Since then, we’ve not been able to have a large fair, so we have a smaller one, just like the smaller festival this past weekend at Kennedy Plaza,” she said. “And when I say it’s the difference between 100 Plus vendors, down to about 30 vendors this past weekend. So, we’re hoping to get back up on the boardwalk and have a big fair.”

Adamo described the event as quiet, estimating a few hundred people between the two days, comparing it to previous years on the boardwalk where they saw thousands of attendees.

About 30 vendors attended with various goods, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, tie-dye clothing, rock ‘n’ roll clothing, summer attire, and loungewear. Various jewelry vendors, photos from a local photographer, and artists with wood and resin designs. The historical society booth sold beach towels, history books, T-shirts, and assorted goodies. 

“We wish to thank the city of Long Beach, Kerry, Tracey, and Matt from Long Beach Events, and of course, our volunteers and board members,” Adamo said. “We were honored to have sponsors to help defray the cost incurred, Brian Braddish from Riptides, Kelly Deher from Edward Jones, and Nick Mehra from Cell City. Allan Schwartz from Laurel Cleaners and the Lions Club. Also, Nancy Johnston and Rhonda Healy from C21 Verdeschi Walsh Real Estate.”

The society holds a rich collection of Long Beach’s historical items in an archive. These items, including documents, pictures, artifacts, and memorabilia, are displayed to the public, and can also be used for research. Additionally, the Society provides guided tours of historic houses and areas, showcasing the city’s architectural highlights.

The organization strives to bring history to the community and the community to history.