Lynbrook business teams with anti-bullying coalition


The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying and Lynbrook business To Tie-Dye for Clothing, have partnered all October for National Bullying Prevention Month.

The collaboration comprises a blue tie-dye shirt, which represents the color of bullying prevention awareness, with the quote, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Marion Schwaner, 27, the founder and owner of the tie-dye business, came up with the idea after being the target of a bullying incident earlier this summer. 

“My experience has made me realize how widespread bullying really is and the damages it could bring to someone’s life and the lives of their loved ones,” she said. “I believe that speaking up and telling more people about my experiences will bring more recognition to leaders and officials about the issue, and hopefully turn words into actions to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

Joe Salamone, the executive director of LICAB, said he was inspired to launch the non-profit organization in 2013 after witnessing a person with a disability and his family be bullied by visitors in an emergency room on Long Island. Reminded of his own experience as a victim of bullying, Salamone was spurred into action, and today serves as head of a nonprofit dedicated to emphasizing the importance of bully-free communities on Long Island through education, increased awareness and therapeutic outlets.

“LICAB is excited to collaborate with To Tie-Dye for Clothing,” Salamone said. “People of all ages, genders, backgrounds and creeds are susceptible to bullying. Our organization is founded on the idea that it only takes one person to change —or save — a life. Considering the rough year we’ve endured and an uncertain future, it’s more important than ever to put positivity and kindness into the universe. The shirt we’ve created with To Tie-Dye for Clothing is a reminder of that.” 

For more information about the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying and To Tie-Dye for Clothing, visit and The shirt is available for purchase on To Tie-Dye for Clothing’s website at $30 for short-sleeve and $40 for long-sleeve. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to LICAB.