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Lynbrook Fire Department responds to house fire


Lynbrook firefighters responded to a house fire on Davison Avenue on May 28 after receiving a call from someone in a neighboring house.

Under the command of Chief John Donald, the firefighters responded to the fire, while Lynbrook Department of Public Works employee Dylan Bien also responded because he was on the block repairing a street sign when the call came over his pager. He immediately ran up the block and saw that a fire was consuming the plastic fence next to and at the rear of the home. He grabbed a garden hose outside the home and started to knock down the fire, which was climbing to the outside wall of the home and to the second floor.

Second Assistant Chief Danny Ambrosio also arrived on the scene and inspected the inside of the house to determine if the fire got inside the wall, which it did not.

Donald then arrived, along with the Engine and Truck companies. The Engine Company did not have to stretch a hose line as the garden hose extinguished the fire. A portion of the fence was melted and the fire also blackened the brick wall.

Donald inspected the damage and dtermeined that the fire was caused by an electrical short in wiring along the bottom of the outside wall for the air conditioning unit in the home. The area was overhauled after the fire was extinguished.  The damage was contained to the outside of the home.