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Lynbrook juniors take Class Night


Photos by Skyler Kessler

The Lynbrook High School Class of 2016 took home this year’s trophy on March 18.

It was the 87th edition of the annual skit show, which Matt Sarosy, assistant principal of Lynbrook High School, said is entirely produced by the participants.

“It’s a completely student run event,” he said. “Members of the administration will oversee the event, to approve things, but it’s really just to make sure everything will be appropriate. In terms of the creative direction — the musical selections, the costumes, the choreography, really everything — the kids have the control.”

Each skit must contain a girls’ dance, a boys’ dance, a couples’ dance and a kick line routine, while telling a story that fits under that year’s theme. This theme for this year was classic characters, and the junior class’ take on The Wizard of Oz won them the top prize. The senior class played games with the audience, taking them to the world of Clue, the classic murder-mystery. The underclassman opted to delve into the world of animation, as the freshmen and sophomores produced skits based around classic cartoons Peanuts and Alice in Wonderland, respectively.

Sarosy said he looks forward to the long-running event each year, and is confident students do the same.

“It’s run by the kids, that’s the way it’s always been and the plan is certainly to keep it that way in the future,” he said. “It gets a little sloppy at points, but that’s really the point, and I think the kids really enjoy that part. They’re so used to structure, they always have us adults hovering over them and looking over everything, I think they really like to have something to call their own.”