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Lynbrook rowers roar through Oyster Bay


Under the bright early autumn sun, centenarians and master rowers sat in rowboats and paddled through the waters of Oyster Bay on Sept. 24.

Under the guidance of Jason Moskowitz, the director of the Sagamore Rowing Association, 100-year-old Nanette Fishman and 26 members of the Atria Senior Living Rowing Club had trained for their moment since the spring. Though the first attempt at the feat was marred by thunderstorms in June, it offered the rowers three more months to prepare for their journey.

Atria is the only senior living company in the U.S. offering residents a competitive rowing club. To date, 70 resident rowers have set a combined 48 World and American Indoor Water Rowing records, according to a release from the facility.

“A lifelong commitment to staying physically and mentally active is the hallmark of aging well,” Becky Gallucci said in a statement. “These older adults have taken a serious approach to living healthier by challenging themselves physically and trying new things. Our residents are examples and inspirations to others by demonstrating you can set and achieve goals at any age.”