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Lynbrook wrestlers pin down several awards


Several Lynbrook wrestlers were rewarded for their hard work and dedication this season at the annual Becker Brothers Awards ceremony on June 2.

“This is an outstanding group of young men that have great futures,” said Hilary Becker, who runs the Lynbrook Titans Wrestling Program. “We’re very excited for all of them.”

Since the 1950s, the Becker Brothers Awards have been a showcase for Lynbrook High School varsity wrestlers. The ceremony was created by Hilary Becker’s uncle, Bob Becker, and his father, Francis Becker, both of whom wrestled for LHS in the 1930s and ‘40s. The annual event is now organized by Hilary and his brother, Greg Becker.

This year’s award recipients included David Frederick (Perseverance Award); Jimmy Murray (Perseverance Award); Tyler Heaney (Braveheart); James Guillespie (Perseverance Award); Jessie Candel (Best Sportsmanship); Henry Quilca (Most Improved); Justin Weinberger (Best Sportsmanship); and John DiBenedetto (Outstanding Wrestler). Coaches Matt Hollenstein and Rich Renz were also in attendance. Renz lauded the wrestlers for their hard work, and Hilary Becker said he was happy to celebrate their success.

“We’re extremely proud of the accomplishments of this year’s senior wrestlers,” Hilary Becker said, “all of whom exemplify the leadership and character-building qualities that the sport of wrestling can provide.”