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Hewlett resident Carly Fisher creates her own business


A college senior who is a Hewlett resident decided to make the best of her time during the coronavirus pandemic by creating a business that she hopes will help cheer up college graduates.

Carly Fisher is a business student at Binghamton University. She recently started her own business, Rad Grad Creations, in which Fisher creates customized photo and video montages through a software in order to celebrate a college graduates' achievements.

“I think everyone has been going through feelings of sadness and confusion during this unprecedented time,” Fisher said. “I started thinking with friends and family about a way to make graduation a joyous time to celebrate accomplishments that would make others feel good in a time like this.”

The Hewlett High School alum Fisher added that while she’s emphasizing making the montages for college graduates, she noted that she’s able to create montages for other special occasions. "My main focus is creating montages for graduating seniors, just because of the times we are in," she said. "I am also able to create montages for any other school graduates."

The adjustment to learning virtually has been different for Fisher, who said she was last in Binghamton at the end of March but said she’s making the best of the circumstances. “I don't think anyone expected college to end like this, but I FaceTime with friends as much as possible and I still have virtual classes,” she said. “I’m thankful we have all the technology that allows us to learn and keep in touch with friends.”

Susan Lampert is a family friend of Fisher’s and said the montage was a special gift to give her daughter. “Carly created a customized photo montage for my daughter and her friends for graduation,” Lampert said. “It was such a special gift and definitely a perfect way for us to celebrate graduation in these unprecedented times.”

Fisher’s friend from college, Julia Liebamn, said that she recently received this montage as a graduation gift and was “touched” by it. “I felt like it gave me a way to still celebrate graduation, even though the commencement ceremony is postponed,” Liebman said. “It was so great to be able to reflect on all of the amazing memories I've made with my college friends over the last four years.”

Despite the unforseen circumstances of college commencement ceremonies being cancelled, Fisher said the time away from school has been productive and positive. “I’ve been trying to look back at all the good things from the past four years and all that I’ve accomplished,” she said. “Yes I’m losing a few months but it's important to reflect on the time I did have and the memories I made along the way. This business helps me do that.”

More information can be found at: https://bit.ly/2L4u5fS and or by emailing Fisher at: radgradcreations@gmail.com.