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McKevitt deserves another term in 13th L.D.


In the race for the seat in the county’s 13th Legislative District, Democratic challenger Jennifer Rosenkrantz, of East Meadow, criticized her opponent, Republican incumbent Thomas McKevitt, for not thinking independently, calling him another cog in the GOP machine. That charge could be fairly leveled against some of McKevitt’s colleagues, but it doesn’t apply to him.

McKevitt, of East Meadow, came to the seat with six terms of experience in the State Assembly. He described his new job as having an easier commute, but more work and more nuanced issues. And his passion and work ethic are obvious: He has served his constituents by holding numerous community programs on health and safety, focusing on improving roads and working across the aisle on quality-of-life issues.

That’s why the Herald is endorsing McKevitt for another term of representing the 13th District, which includes East Meadow and parts of North Bellmore, North Merrick and North Wantagh.

McKevitt has supported most of County Executive Laura Curran’s decisions since they were both elected in 2017, including her plans to improve conditions at two struggling East Meadow facilities, the Nassau County Correctional Center and Nassau University Medical Center. McKevitt backed Curran when it came to forming a Northwell Health partnership at the hospital — though he was quick to demand answers when she flip-flopped on her calls to remove Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from the jail property.

Rosenkrantz shows a genuine passion for improving the lives of Nassau County and District 13 residents, and clearly cares about the opioid crisis, affordable housing and keeping young people in the county. But while she has good intentions, she does not have enough insight into the issues plaguing the county jail and NUMC. We encourage her to stay involved, but we believe that McKevitt has more to do in the Legislature, and should be given another term to work alongside Curran — both by supporting her plans to create positive change and challenging her when necessary.

McKevitt should be voters’ choice on Tuesday.