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Monica Alexandris-Miller elected GCCSD Board of Education president

Lia Leone GCCSD board vice president


At the July 2 Glen Cove City School District Board of Education digital meeting, an election was held to fill the president and vice president positions, with Monica Alexandris-Miller elected as board president and Lia Leone chosen as board vice president.

When attorney Christopher Venator asked the board for nominations for president, Leone and Maria Venuto nominated Alexandris-Miller, who formerly served as the board’s vice president.

“It would be my honor to serve as your board president and I think I can help to bring a little unity to the board and keep the school and the board moving in a positive direction,” Alexandris-Miller said.

Karen Ferguson nominated incumbent Gail Nedbor-Gross, arguing that she has had years of experience and has done her due diligence reviewing items put before the board. Nedbor-Gross seconded Ferguson’s nomination.

“I would just like to say it’s been an honor to serve on the board the last 12 years,” Nedbor-Gross said. “I’ve been on the board mostly because I feel very concerned about our district in that we always move forward in a positive direction and I try very hard to work with everybody in a collaborative way for the good of the students and the school district.”

Ultimately, a majority of the board voted in favor of Alexandris-Miller and she took her oath as the new board president.

Ferguson then nominated Nedbor-Gross for the vice president position, with Nedbor-Gross seconding that nomination and Venuto nominated Lia Leone for vice president.

Ferguson argued that both herself and Leone are new trustees and having Alexandris-Miller and Nedbor-Gross, who she argued are both more experienced, serve as president and vice-president would be ideal.

“Although I’m new I continue to learn and I would be happy to work alongside Monica,” Leone said. “We’ve worked alongside together on many school district endeavors for the past three years or so and I would be honored to be vice president.”

Nedbor-Gross added that she would have been happy to work with Alexandris-Miller as she has done in the past, and that she would be helpful with her knowledge of the district and its history.

Ultimately, Leone received the majority vote and took her oath at the meeting and Nedbor-Gross will now serve as a trustee.