Nassau Expressway bike lane repairs completed


Biking just got a little safer on the Nassau Expressway as State Sen. Todd Kaminsky and Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller announced the completion of repair work to two sections of the bike path at the southern part of 878.

The reconstruction came after a request from Miller and Kaminsky to the New York State Department of Transportation to investigate the condition of the pathway  after the matter was brought to their attention by Lawrence resident Yosef Nussbaum and other constituents.

Nussbaum said that he was glad that Kaminsky and Miller were able to prioritize this safety issue for Five Towns residents.

"As an avid cyclist who utilizes the bike path along NY878 with my family regularly, it was immediately apparent that the state of repair of the designated path connecting Lawrence and Atlantic Beach, was hazardous to all bikers," Nussbaum said. "The speed and efficiency of getting this job done, especially as more residents are using the path on a daily basis due to Covid-19, is truly commendable."

Kaminsky is a member of the Senate's Transportation Committee and noted that government has a responsibility to ensure that the bike paths and walkways provided to residents are safe.

“I am grateful to Yosef for bringing this matter to my attention and to the New York State DOT for taking swift action to address the matter," he said. "NY878’s adjacent bike path serves as a direct recreational path to the beach for countless Five Towns residents and they deserve to take advantage of this path safely.”

Prior to the repair work, the bike path approaching the Seagirt Boulevard exit heading southbound was filled with potholes. There are also no streetlights on that stretch of roadway.

“The 878 bicycle path gets a lot of bicycle and pedestrian use, and the labyrinth of potholes made the path unsafe for all to navigate," Miller said. "In these unusual times, with more people seeking outdoor activities, bicyclists and pedestrians including many families with strollers, are using this path. I am very pleased that the DOT responded in such a timely manner and the path is repaired.” 

Village of Lawrence Deputy Mayor Michael Fragin said that the conditions prior to the repairs had become dangerous.

“The 878 bicycle path, used by hundreds daily, had become a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists alike,” Fragin said. “Thanks to the persistence of our state senator, Todd Kaminsky and Assemblywoman Missy Miller, we are pleased that it has been freshly repaved.”