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New technology tunes up hearing health care


Comprehensive Audiology
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From the very beginning, Comprehensive Audiology has set goals to provide patients with the newest and the finest in hearing solutions. The office is modern and inviting, housing only the most innovative state-of-the-art equipment. On May 15th, owner and director, Dr. Esther Fogel, hosted an Open House, introducing cutting edge technology, the Otoscan®, a 3D Digital Ear Scanner, an exciting new offering to her patients.
Comprehensive Audiology is one of first hearing healthcare centers to acquire the Otoscan®, a device that provides a new, safe and accurate way to create digital impressions for custom in-ear devices. It eliminates concerns related to traditional silicone impressions, such as risk to the patient, discomfort, and inconsistent outcomes. The 3D scanner creates a digital scan of the ear and can be used to order hearing aids or other ear pieces, such as custom hearing protection, swim plugs or musician’s in-ear monitors. Both the inside of the ear canal and the outer ear are scanned, including shape and texture, and the digital images are sent to a lab to make an ear piece that is comfy and accurate.
Installed in Dr. Fogel’s office is a flat screen TV so her patients can view the scanning process. The office, which opened over two years ago, is newly renovated, modern, and employs the latest digital technology. “My goal is to provide each patient with personalized care, and create a comfortable environment to address their hearing needs and concerns,” Dr. Fogel added.
Hearing solutions are far from ‘one size fits all.’ Many people acquire some degree of hearing loss with age, but other factors, such as noise exposure, medical history, and lifestyle, can accelerate the decline. Often, the loss is so gradual that it’s not immediately noticed. Dr. Fogel suggests getting a base-line hearing evaluation around age 55, as hearing loss has been linked to other health conditions such as cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, and the sooner it’s addressed, the better.
Dr. Esther Fogel is a clinical audiologist who holds a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of North Texas, and a Doctorate in Audiology from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her residency in Audiology was completed at LIJ Medical Center’s Hearing and Speech Center, where she continues — in addition to her work at Comprehensive Audiology — to provide audiological care to infants, children and adults.
Comprehensive Audiology provides hearing health services for both adults and children — including diagnostic testing, hearing aid fittings, and custom hearing protection. Dr. Fogel’s goal is to provide personalized healthcare, including the best hearing solution for the each individual’s lifestyle. Payment plan options are available, as are evening and Sunday appointments. Follow Comprehensive Audiology on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, or Instagram @comprehensive_audiology.