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New York Elks Lodge No. 1 hosts collection drive for Our Lady of Peace Church in Lynbrook


On Armed Forces Day, the New York Elks Lodge No. 1 in Lynbrook banded together to show their patriotism and support Our Lady of Peace Church.

Lodge officers and  members were called on by Exalted Ruler Lisa Moldovan for their help.  Moldovan had been in contact with administrators at Our Lady of Peace, who needed assistance because their food pantry was running low on supplies. She  enlisted the lodge members to help by sending robocalls and posting on the lodge's Facebook page.

The lodge requested help with all nonperishable foods in order to restock the shelves at the pantry. Moldovan could not have chosen a more fitting day. The collection was organized on May 16, Armed Forces Day, and flags and banners were waving as volunteers drove by to participate in the collection. 

Participants were not only able to help a local food pantry, but they also saluted the nation’s Armed Forces, all while being able to see the faces of fellow lodge members they were unable to see in-person for the last two month amid the coronavirus.

The attendees engaged in a no-contact, socially distant collection at the lodge’s parking lot, where they gave a donation and were also handed American flags in honor of the Armed Forces. In all, about 50 people participated in the donation, and 40 boxes and bags of goods were supplied to the church, along with a  $75 donations.

The Elks said they would like to thank all who participated, including owners of the No Good Burger Joint, in Baldwin, for their donations.