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Oceansiders march for ‘Black Lives Matter’ down Long Beach Road


About 60 protesters marched down Long Beach Road in Oceanside on June 17, hoping to raise awareness about systemic racism and promote unity among those advocating for racial justice.

Many held signs that read “Black Lives Matter,” and there were families with children in their midst. The crowd marched on the sidewalk from the Modell’s parking lot on Davison Avenue to the Sands Shopping Center, and back, for a total of about three miles.

An Oceanside resident named Lorena, 26, who asked that her last name not appear in this article, helped organize the march. She has lived in the hamlet for about two years now, and said she has faced racial discrimination in Facebook groups. 

After one incident, Lorena was invited to another Facebook group with more like-minded people who shared her views about racial equality. She and some of those group members decided to hold the march in light of recent events, including the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the protests that have followed nonstop nationwide.

Lorena said the march was held “to let people [of color] know that you do have people who care about you in Oceanside. 

“We heard cars honking that were not even involved in the protest itself,” she added, after the march. “I was trying to bring awareness to the neighborhood, but also to people who felt isolated.”

She also said that the Nassau County police who patrolled the protest were respectful. Some engaged in conversation with protesters, asking why this was important to them and what changes they’d like to see.

More to follow.