Once in a lifetime: Bellmore-Merrick students gather to watch 2024 solar eclipse


Sanford H. Calhoun High School’s astronomy club led a viewing party for the solar eclipse on April 8. Over 50 students gathered in the school’s fields at 3:00 pm, in time for the peak of the eclipse. All guests were provided with eclipse glasses by staff.

Zahi Rahman, the co-president of the Astronomy Club, carried out a presentation about the history of the solar eclipse and the position of the moon and sun.

“I think this is a great opportunity to see nature in action, hang out, and have a good time,” said Nicole Hollings, principal of Calhoun High School. 

“This is a small group of very passionate students,” Emma Romano, teacher and advisor of the Science club and the Astronomy club said. “They hold weekly meetings and give lectures to other students passionate about science. It’s a way to get everybody together and excited astronomy.”

Calhoun High School’s eclipse event was one among many. Neighboring schools held their own viewing parties, including Mepham High School, Merrick Avenue Middle School and Grand Avenue Middle School.

The next solar eclipse visible in the United States will happen in 2044.