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Rockville Centre directs attention to those in need


With power restored to much of the village and most of the homes surviving Hurricane Sandy with little lasting damage, Rockville Centre residents and organizations turned their attention to people who were not as fortunate.

Numerous organizations and congregations based in Rockville Centre have already begun the process of collecting donations and offering what space they have for the victims of the devastating storm.

Temple B’Nai Sholo-Beth David will be taking in the nursery school of the Long Beach Jewish Community Center, said Rabbi Howard Diamond, and has been inviting residents who are still without power to get warm and charge electronic devices at the temple.

Central Synagogue has also opened its doors for people to charge phones and get warm, and has been collecting coats and blankets to give to people in Long Beach, according to Administrative Assistant Edie Tischler.

Richard Gottlieb, the administrator and developer of the “What Happened to Rockville Centre” Facebook group, announced on his page that their annual collection fundraiser would likely go to the American Red Cross this year, rather than the usual Toys for Tots, though there was also a discussion on the page of donating to the RVC Community Fund. Those interested in learning more can contact Gottlieb at richardgottlieb@cox.net.

“Let’s be as generous as possible to help our neighbors and friends that still make this wonderful village their home,” Gottlieb said.

Vern Jinks, Director of the Rockville Centre/Lakeview Economic Opportunities Council (EOC) said that the not-for-profit organization has been opening up its food pantries to families in need, and has been providing clothing when available. Jinks noted that he is also attempting to put together a “feeding” on Nov. 21 in Long Beach for families that have been hit hard by the hurricane.

The EOC’s general services range from helping people find employment to housing assistance and even will help residents read their mail if they speak a different language. For more information on the EOC, please contact vjinks@eoc-nassau.org.

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