RVC Scout Troop 163 honors four new Eagle Scouts

Four RVC residents attained the highest rank in scouting


Rockville Centre’s Scout Troop 163 celebrated the advancement of four of its members to Eagle Scouts at the St. Agnes Parish Center on July 20. Christopher Barker, Lucas Rogan, and brothers Matthew and Christopher Bo were honored for attaining the highest rank of the Scouts BSA in front of friends, family, and several local officials.

For his final project, Barker created life-size sports silhouettes that were hung in the John A. Anderson Recreation Center’s gym. “The gym seemed a little empty and (the silhouettes) just seemed to add a little life and joy into the environment,” Barker said. Barker was looking to imitate the similar silhouettes seen at South Side Middle School’s gym.

Barker completed his requirements to become an Eagle Scout around two years ago, but Covid pushed the celebration of his efforts back significantly. “I am just grateful that I get to spend this time with my friends and family and that this finally did get to happen,” Barker said. “I’m so grateful for the help I’ve had throughout the entire process.”

Christopher Bo has waited about a year since he completed his project where he cleared invasive vines from Hempstead State Lake Park. According to Bo, he cleared about 700 yards of vines.

“It’s been a long-awaited night,” Christopher Bo said. “I’ve seen so many people tonight that I haven’t been able to see during the pandemic. Some people dropped out of scouting and I finally get to see them again.”

Matthew Bo completed his requirements for Eagle Scout in April of 2020. “It was actually nice waiting because now I got to see all my old scout mates who I haven’t seen in forever,” Matthew Bo said.

Bo and around 30 other scouts built dog agility equipment for animal shelter “Bobby and the Strays.” Bo got the idea for the project because he used to volunteer at the shelter and read to cats to calm them down.

Lucas Rogan has waited for the ceremony since March of 2020. “Coming back here and doing this entire ceremony is an honor,” Rogan said. Rogan build “bat boxes” which are meant to house bats in a bird box-like structure. The shelter provides a home for bats in the park, which can help to decrease the mosquito population.

The end of the ceremony saw the four scouts receive a new neckerchief with an eagle emblazoned on the outside to signify the honor.

Local officials Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, Fire Chief James Avondet, Town of Hempstead Anthony D’Esposito, RVC Mayor Francis Murray, and a representative from Senator Todd Kaminsky were on-hand to celebrate the honor for the four RVC boys with proclamations. Councilman D’Esposito, a former NYPD detective, offered the boys challenge coins which are given in the military and law enforcement for quality arrests, investigations, and signifying units.