Scaring up a sweet ghoul time in Lawrence


The children came  wearing costumes of their characters or even possible future professions as there were astronauts, cats, firefighters, ghosts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many others.

Outside the Five Towns Community Center on Oct. 24 vehicles were decorated with Halloween fright and fun in mind from Sarah Hayes’ Hyundai “Help Me” to the cautionary spider zone created by Natasha Shepard, her son Corie Shakur, and fried Isabella Iasevoli. Mariarosa Guzzardi was proud of her festooned Nissan Altima.

With the coronavirus pandemic placing a damper on social activities such as Trick or Treating, many brought candy and the children were able to “trick or treat” their way through the parking lot and collected their favorite treats.

Presented by Inwood resident Sasha Young’s Gammy’s Pantry and the Community Center what was billed as a first-ever could become a traditional event.