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Seaford Radio Club is on the air


Whether they are playing music or talking about trending topics, students in Seaford High School’s Radio Club are following the lead of their professional counterparts and learning what it takes to put together a successful broadcast.

The club, under the direction of adviser Michael Kerr, typically meets afterschool on Thursdays to put together a weekly podcast. They discuss different topics of interest, such as paranormal activities and the Mandela Effect.

The podcasts are then edited and shared on SoundCloud. Junior Aurora Fitzgerald said she enjoys doing the podcasts because she gets to learn about new topics, hear other people’s opinions and work on her public speaking skills.

The Radio Club also has a booth in the main hallway, where they can play music into the cafeterias. Typically, one member of the club served as the DJ during each lunch period, and can choose from thousands of song to play.

Junior Jack Brown said he likes learning how to use the different audio equipment including microphones and a soundboard. Jack Kollar added that the Radio Club is always looking for next ways to grow its audience.

Provided by the Seaford School District. Compiled by Brian Stieglitz