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Search for goggles at schools bears fruit for NYU Langone


A scavenger hunt through Oceanside School District classrooms has turned up a small supply of goggles and N95 respirators that were donated to NYU Langone Hospital. The district donated 75 goggles and about 18 N95 respirators for use by healthcare providers treating Covid-19 patients.

It started with an idea from Dr. Jill DeRosa, the assistant superintendent for human resources, pupil services and community activities, that there might be gloves in science classrooms that could be donated to hospitals. DeRosa contacted Dr. Matt Christiansen, the district's science director, who then contacted science teachers. Brian Ellis, who teaches science research, recalled that there were goggles in classrooms. Ellis asked if unused goggles could be collected and donated to his brother, Bobby, an acute medicine nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center. Students and teachers use the goggles during science experiments.

Mark Gary, an Oceanside High School science teacher, offered to donate remaining N95 masks from an open box that was stored in his classroom. The box of masks had been purchased for a forensic competition.

Before any donations could happen, the staff had to track down the supplies. They assembled a team to visit science classrooms at every school. While the N95s were in an Oceanside High School classroom that Ellis and Gary share, DeRosa, Ellis, Diane Provvido, the assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and research, Suzanne Dwyer, director of technology, and Robert Schloth, director or buildings and grounds, visited every school to search classrooms for extra, unused goggles.

Ellis said that his brother was immensely grateful for the donation. Both are Oceanside School District alumni.

Courtesy Oceanside School District; compiled by Mike Smollins