South of the border, visiting a magical place

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People are so friendly. In a cynical moment I suggested to my sister that it all seemed scripted, as if everyone was playing a part. We saw one beggar on the street, and figured she was put there by central casting for “atmosphere.” But there was no percentage in going negative. I quickly moved on to embracing la vida buena, chocolate-covered churros and all.

P.S. I am writing this as a postscript because it truly was just a relatively minor problem in a thrilling week. The night before we were due to travel home, I got sick, the usual gastric upheaval, and I couldn’t travel, so we extended one more day. I ordered a wheelchair for myself because I still felt wobbly.

The next day I was fine, and we were getting ready to leave when my sister fell in the bathroom and hurt her back. We didn’t want to deal with it there, so she took some painkillers — and the wheelchair — and we got home.

Even with that, we can’t wait to go back.

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