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A message from Rabbi Uri Goren

This Passover will pass over


Passover, a yearly opportunity to gather with family and friends to celebrate the most important value our society has, freedom! However, this year we won’t get together in our usual way. We will separate from those we share the Seder every year. 

This separation is truly a message of Passover. While we will be sad at our small Seder table, we realize that one of the powerful messages that Passover gives is to be prepared for the unexpected. The Israelites in Egypt were not ready to flee from slavery, they had to rush and deal with the unknown. 

Matzah is the “unready bread.” The Israelites dealt with a difficult circumstance and found meaning and freedom. Our situation today is not that much different. It is difficult and unknown. We need to adapt and be ready for this Passover. That is our freedom! Not to ignore the celebration of being free.

This Passover we reaffirm that freedom from everyone is about caring for everyone. That is why we will not get together for a Passover Seder, because we are free to care for each other. By not being together we, loudly and strongly, manifest our hope for liberation of the plague we are experiencing. Fighting Covid-19 during the Holiday of Freedom clearly tells us that we aren’t 100 percent free, and maybe we will never be.

Still, it is our obligation to fight against any form of oppression, human, biological or material. Enjoy the Seder, invite people via Zoom or any other platform, share the beauty of the holiday and make it meaningful. The Seder is a reminder that people do overcome difficulty.

This Passover let it be a new start for the entire human race. This year’s Passover is for everyone. We finally understand that together we achieve real freedom. May this Passover unite our world as one family. May we create a new story of self-determination, where all of us together conquer real and true lasting freedom.

Stay physically away from each other, but strongly united in making our planet free form destruction, hatred and greed.

I wish for the Jewish community a sweet and powerful Passover. For the Christian community a spiritual Holy Week and for our Muslim brothers and sisters a Ramadan Mubarak, a happy and meaningful Ramadan.

With gratitude for being able to do my part in the struggle for freedom,


I remain,

Rabbi Uri Goren, Temple Avodah