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Q: I am in my late 70s and have been gifting money to my children each year. Can I make tax-exempt gifts to my grandchildren in addition to the money that I give to my children?

A: Yes, in 2013, an individual may gift up to $14,000 (the annual gift exclusion) per person per year without the necessity of filing a gift tax return. This includes children and grandchildren. In addition to the $14,000 annual gift exclusion, an individual may also pay for tuition and health care expenses, provided payment is made directly to the educational or the health care provider. Thus, you can gift your grandchild $14,000, pay his or her tuition and medical expenses each year. If you have additional questions related to wealth transfers you should contact a Trusts and Estates attorney.

Patricia Galteri is Chair of the Trusts and Estates Practice Group in Garden City, NY. Her practice includes the development of estate and family business plans to ensure the tax efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation while meeting the specific personal goals of her clients.

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