Uniondale aims for improvement


The Uniondale Knights softball team is expecting big changes on the scoreboard this spring. They aim to improve on their five-win season from a year ago and third-year coach Doug Modica sees a lot of potential from his group.
Junior Jada Scott, who plays first base, is a star hitter and is in her third year with the squad. “She’s a tremendous fielder and a great hitter,” Modica says.”  “We have her batting third in the lineup where she usually tends to get hits.”
Jocelynn Cornejo Enamorado, a left-handed senior pitcher, is entering her third year as the ace. She has her coach’s complete trust in the circle. “She’s very athletic and very aggressive on the bases while she’s running and as a left-handed hitter she does hit the ball very well,” Modica said. “She’ll go start to finish, she will usually pitch a full game and hardly walk anybody and she puts the ball over the plate.”
A key defender and important piece in the lineup is senior shortstop Mearah Gray. “She has been very accurate in the field, she makes very accurate throws and is usually our cleanup hitter. She bats fourth in our lineup,” Modica says. 
Mia Bynum is a senior catcher who also enters her third year of varsity ball. “She’s great behind the plate and very aggressive, she knows what she’s doing, she’s aggressive going after little pops ups and foul balls. She is very quick to her feet from that position,” Modica said.

Junior Niya Vassel is one of Uniondale’s emerging stars. Her versatility gives her coach confidence whenever or wherever she’s on the field. “She can basically play any position on the field, including pitcher, but she’s best at the infield, she’s just an all -round player good player that can hit, field and make backyard throws,” Modica said
Junior Daniella Rosales Guerrero sparks the offense from the leadoff spot and handles the hot corner. “She hustles all over the place and is fast on the bases,” Modica said.
Modica claims this year’s team is more balanced in terms of ages than the ones in years past, with a lot of youth expecting to contribute. This isn’t a concern to him however, he believes that his players have great camaraderie and truly love to push one another and see teammates do well. 
“Our girls are enthusiastic, they all cheer for each other on and off the field, they have a great chemistry together,” Modica said. 
This was on display in the Knights March 27 game against Valley Stream Central when the team went up 13-6 in the top of the third inning before the game was postponed due to rain. Enamorado had five strikeouts and Gray contributed three runs going 3-for-3 at the plate. Scott and Rosales Guerrero both went 2-for-3 with two RBI’s each.
In the March 25 opener, the Knights fell 5-4 to Malverne. Enamorado went 2-for-3 with five strikeouts, Gray had two RBI’s and Vassell went 3-for-3 with three stolen bases.