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Valley Stream 2019 school board, school budget results


Residents in Valley Stream's three elementary school districts voted today for their Board of Education candidate picks as well as whether not to approve the Central High School and elementary school district budgets for the 2019-2020 school year. The results are as follows:

In School District 30, candidate Kelly Ureña earned a seat on the board, garnering 247 votes. Her opponents Audra Hamlett and Hendrick Colbert received 128 and 112 votes respectively. Additionally, District 30's nearly $37 million budget passed 363 to 158, and Proposition 2 for the authorization of the district to use $750,000 of its capital reserves for "various capital needs" was approved 408 to 108.

In School District 13, incumbent Milagros Vicente won re-election, earning 537 votes against challenger Anthony Bonelli who garnered 521. It's $53 million budget passed 584 votes to 532. Additionally, both a proposition to release $300,000 in reserves for the installation of air conditioning at district's four elementary-school buildings passed 684 to 443, and another for the release of $300,000 for classroom furniture and blinds passed 679 to 439.

In School District 24, Kim Wheeler earned re-election garnering 332 votes against her opponent Charlene Ali-Barreto who received 117. Additionally, Joseph Shipley and incumbent John Maier who both ran unopposed won seats. The district's nearly $29.9 million budget passed 327 to 148.

The Central High School District's nearly $121.2 million budget passed 1,211 to 883.