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Village proposes water rate hike


Communities across the country are facing the challenges of an aging water infrastructure and the Village of Rockville Centre is no exception. Rather than ignore the problem, Rockville Centre has made a commitment to conduct necessary infrastructure upgrades to protect the water resources and the community.

 “The health and safety of our residents is the highest priority for my administration,” said Mayor Francis X. Murray. “Throughout my tenure, we have made great strides to provide residents with safe reliable service and though we are proud of the work we have done, we continue to be vigilant to ensure that we build upon our progress for future generations.”

As with most water districts, an annual water rate increase is necessary to continue to provide safe and healthy drinking water for residents. A public hearing will be held on Dec. 2, 7 p.m. at Village Hall for a proposed 15 percent water rate increase for water infrastructure and reliability projects. The proposed hike is the first in two years and will cost $7.50 per month for the average household.

The Rockville Centre Water Department provides water from 10 wells located throughout the village. The water is stored in four elevated tanks with a combined capacity of four million gallons and is distributed through more than 70 miles of water main. Regular testing from independent state-certified laboratories, that conforms with the standards established by the Department of Health, ensures that the village’s water supply quality meets and exceeds all federal, state and county regulations.

 In coordination with the Village Road Program, more than 20 miles of undersized water main was replaced throughout the village in the last eight years. Not only was the water main replaced, but hydrants, as well as service taps, were replaced during the water main replacement.

Three of the four water towers have been refurbished and the village will soon begin painting the fourth and final water tower on Sunrise Highway.

The construction of the new Iron-Removal Treatment Plant located on Maple Avenue has concluded and is undergoing its final commissioning. The second plant of its kind in the village, it will provide up to 5.6 million gallons of iron-free water to village residents daily, thanks to a $3 million grant from the New York Water Infrastructure Improvement Act with the help of Sen. Todd Kaminsky.

 Residents are encouraged to attend the hearing, Monday, Dec. 2, 7 p.m. at Rockville Centre Village Hall, 1 College Place, Rockville Centre. Visit rvcny.gov for more information.