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Wantagh H.S. class of 2019 graduates


“High School graduation is the end of a journey,” Wantagh High School Principal Carolyn Breivogel told the 243 seniors at their graduation last Friday. “[It is a] special journey like no other, complete with the realization that the bond that has been established among each of you, that feels so strong right now, is unlikely to be felt exactly like this again in your lifetime.”

Smiling faces of friends and family members filled the stands of the high school football field as the graduates’ classmates, teachers and district administrators offered them encouragement and advice for the future. “Just know you are part of something bigger in this world,” Salutatorian Andriana Patmanidis told her fellow seniors. “Whether it feels like it or not, there is a place for you, and you have a place.”

Valedictorian Samantha Minars spoke about how Wantagh has affected them all. “The Wantagh community has helped us grow over the past 18 years,” she said, “but now it’s time to continue this growth on our own.”

Board of Education President Peter Mountanos told the graduating class that he was sitting where they were only seven years ago. “We’ve been wired to focus on the what — like titles, places and companies — rather than the why,” Mountanos said. “There is no doubt that we need our graduates to be college- and career-ready, but what we really need is for our students to graduate and become adults who are passionate about making the world a better place.”

Thomas Hurley said he was a very proud parent as he watched his daughter, Marcella, graduate.

Sandra Martucci said it was wonderful to see her grandson Harrison Kane graduate. “[I am] very proud, yes,” she said, with a smile.

Graduate Gina LaRosa said after the ceremony that she felt overwhelmed. “But excited,” she added. “It’s bittersweet.”

District Superintendent John McNamara told the graduates that in today’s society, they would face complex, multi-dimensional challenges that require out-of-the-box thinking. “This is your time, class of 2019,” he said. “The spotlight is on all of you. Face the world head on.”

List of graduates

Caitlin Albanese

Tyler Asadurian

Christina Avana

Ashley Bailey

Lauren Batterbee

John Bednor

Jenna Bello

Michael Bendetti

Arianna Benedetto

Emma Benedetto

Emily Boden

Michael Bonilla

Kathleen Browne

Kayla Burke

Victoria Burruano

Ashley Butcher

Kayley Butcher

Christopher Calise

Grace Camarano

Kayla Cardona

Jeremiah Cardone

Vincent Cardone

Danielle Carson

Sarah Cashton

Rachel Castellano

Nicholas Celli

Alex Charkowick

Andrew Chatham

Christopher Chatham

Kira Chu

Panayioti Cochikas

Ian Cohen

Charlotte Coleman

Jeremiah Coles

Brendan Collins

Jillian Collins

Patrick Collins

John Coltellino

Sonny Compono

Mia Connolly

Isabella Conti

Michael Conti

Robert Conti

Danielle Coppola

Isabella Corso

Kyle Craig

Theodore Craig

Lauren Cupelli

Anthony Curiale

Sean Curtis

Gianmarco Damiani

Lauren Darling

Elizabeth Day

Emily DeAngelo

Daniela DeJesus

Marykate DelGais

Toni Ann DelPozzo

Brianna Derham

Catherine Desiderio

Marisa DeVito

Matthew Diaks

William DiMatteo

Jacob Don

Drew Donaghy

Hannah Dougherty

Kieran Douglas

Justine Dowling

Edward Draude

Edward Duffy

Shelby Dwyer

Christian Encarnacion

Jake Enella

Michael Errico

Hannah Eschmann

Alyssa Estro

Jamie Fanizzi

Megan Fehling

Lena Ferraro

Jonathan Ficco

Juliet Fitting

Brian Frank

Hailey Frey

Liam Garrity

Thomas Garvey

Brett Gaskin

Jake Gelada

Ashley Gendels

Dylan Goldstein

Marie Gonias

Kyle Graham

Nicholas Grasso

Amanda Gray

Daniel Greaker

Courtney Gubista

Spencer Gustafson

Mark Hack

Brendan Harrington

Ryann Henry

Ethan Herman

Andrew Hughes

Marcella Hurley

Katrynna Jackowicz

Chloe Janosko

Liam Jones

Alexis Kalogeropoulos

Harrison Kane

Michael Kearney

Alexandra Kelsey

Nicholas Killard

Meghan Kirk

Marissa Korman

Alexis Kratz

Kevin Kratzer

Ryan Krauss

Olivia Krug

Ryan Kushner

Angela Labenberg

Jillian Laino

Gina-Marie LaRosa

Jessica Leahy

John Leahy

Maggie L’Eplattenier

Anthony Lindwall

Joseph Loccisano

Dylan Loiacono

Allison Loney

Cerena Lopez

Daniel Lovelace

Francesco Loverde

Megan Lucey

Tyler Lucher

Miranda Maldonado

Daniel Maloney

Lauren Manzo

Brendon Markowski

Aidan McAleese

Connor McCarthy

Brianna McCartney

Kerri McClancy

Patrick McClancy

Lily McCloskey

Grace McKenna

Mason McLane

Logan McLaughlin

Erika Meagher

Julie Mecchella

Tyler Migliaro

Catherine Millman

Samantha Minars

Kiera Miranda

Elizabeth Mitchell

Julianna Montanile

Joseph Moore

Lindsey Moore

Robert Moore

Thomas Moran

Zachary Moussa

Bryan Murphy

Erin Murphy

Jaclyn Murphy

Jessica Nealon

Isabella Ninivaggi

James Nolan

Moira Nolan

Andreas Oberheim

Casey O’Connor

Thomas Orellana

Jenna Pagliarulo

Gianna Paier

Jarod Papa

Caitlyn Parisi

Michael Pastore

Andriana Patmanidis

Constantine Patmanidis

Sean Paulich

Matthew Petrillo

James Pintauro

Joseph Piscopo

Katherine Proscia

Julia Pugliese

Diana Putrino

Ian Pyle

Seamus Quail

Christopher Quinn

Dylan Sean Quinn

Kyle Quinn

Hannah Ramsey

Raymond Rathgaber

Alexander Ratikan

Randy Reif

Daragh Reilly

Victoria Reilly

Kayla Rende

Grace Riddle

Claire Riis

Kevin Rivera

Jesslyn Rodriguez

Gabrielle Romano

Logan Romero

Nicoletta Roppo

Jessica Rosanio

Vincent Rudolph

Matthew Russo

Lauren Salerno

Luke Sales

Jake Salomon

Shane Sammartino

Isabelle Samudio

Christopher Schmidt

Kayla Schmidt

Brandon Schroh

Justina Scibelli

Dylan Scott

James Seaman

Eric Sedig

Michael Sgroi

Katherine Skaar

Samuel Sloves

Samantha Smith

Matthew Soethout

Samantha Sparta

Kaitlyn Steele

Ryan Steele

Chiara Sullivan

Vincent Sullivan

Caysie Supino

Olivia Swanson

Nicole Tague

Kelly Talty

Sawyer Thompson

Carlo Tobia

Angelina Torre

Stephanie Tracy

Katelyn Tucker

Nicholas Vagnone

Jake Vissicchio

Taylor Vogelsberg

Nicholas Wetzel

Isabella White

Megan Wojcik

Skylar Wolfson

Megan Wright

Alexander Zirilli